A game I'm working on with a few fellow students under the team name of RockitBit. Voggel is a unique multiplayer game that is focused around stealing a flock from your opponent. Unlike most multiplayer games you fight your opponents indirectly by stealing their birds. This enables you to use them as powerups to steal even more!

I'm responsible for all the programming work of this project, along with gameplay and animation / effects. The game design / concept is done by the whole group but I've put a lot of effort into little tweaks and effects that make the game feel alive.

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AR - The tale of Archie

My most recent work, and one that I'm most proud of! It turned out to be the 2nd best project of our year during the design for space project at the HKU. The game is first introduced through a fairy tale book and the player can use his tablet or phone to read the Augmented Reality code presented during the story. This makes the world of Archie come to life and you'll be able to play the game and solves puzzles to discover the rest of the story.

During this project I've worked together with another programmer who developed the level editor/loader. My focus was to create the gameplay and all the code for the different game elements. I've also worked on the special effects and the sound of the game.


A game I've worked on during the Indies vs. Pewdiepie gamejam. Along with the RockitBit team we've realised a full-blown 3rd person shooter that feels really nice! During this project I've been solely programming.

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A. Terror vs. B. Man

My goal with developing this game was to create a neat code structure in Unity because I've always had trouble with creating neat code while making a creative game. I've implemented a lot of design patterns and programmed a custom SceneManager that helps with cross-scene data.

Download the source code.


My graduation project from college. I've developed the whole engine and tried to develop a whole game along with it, sadly only the engine and a proof of concept is finished. The whole engine is written in a custom object oriented format of javascript and uses every modern HTML5 technology, from WebGL to WebAudio.

The engine I realised is an engine that runs in any browser and has an extra server package. Players can connect through the server and can use the client to control the game on the server PC.


A big project that I've worked on at MAD multimedia. During this project I've programmed some of the minigames along with a team of 4 other programmers. I've put also some work in library code to easily implement animations from flash into our custom engine.


A big project that I've worked on at MAD multimedia. During this project I've programmed some of the minigames along with a team of 4 other programmers. I've put also some work in library code to easily implement animations from flash into our custom engine.

Binnenhof Battle 2012

My first project during my internship at MAD multimedia. The goal was to create a controversial game about politics by creating a fighting game. MAD didn't have any pre-made code to create a facebook connection so during one month I've implemented new features to the old game, along with facebook and database integration. The database integration consists of a MySQL database which keeps track of all unlocked characters per player and the stored image of each player. Match statistics are also saved per match and have a special page that has some specific Query's to show the collected data.

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An app in which players can send audio fragments to one another and quiz them about the sound. I've worked on a few updates of the app after it was launched on the App store.

Whaudio web site


A barrel of toxic waste has spilled into the ocean, mutating all the fish into bloodsucking piranhas! Join Octo on his quest to rid the seas of these monsters. On his epic journey Octo will team up with the most unlikely characters, like the mad professor and a shady turtle called Ronny!

I worked on this project while it was in it's final state and had to implement new features into the engine that was used to develop the game (Corona SDK). I've also helped with the foundation of the Ouya version of the game.

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Ouya version

Okapi & Dikdik

Okapi & Dikdik live in a parallel universe, but a curious development unfolds when they start to break the doors of reality. Play with a friend and work together to advance through different levels. The world is sometimes not what it seems and you need your friend to guide you while watching his side of the screen.

Along with my company, RockitBit, we realised this game during the Global Game Jam 2015. My role in the team was developer and I've focused on programming the gameplay. I've also learnt a lot about the layering system of Unity because of how the game is set up.

Global Game Jam site

Nut a Squirrel

You are a Frog, who wants to be a squirrel, but is not accepted in the tree by the other squirrels. So he decides to climb it and break the very laws of nature. Jump up a neverending tree from branch to branch! Use their own nuts against them! The ultimate challenge between evading, attacking and surviving. Join Frog in his quest to become king of the tree!

I was the lead developer during the 2 weeks of a seminar in which we had to make a game that would get a minimum of 500 plays online. During the project I've programmed the base game and guided the 2 other developers.

Nut a Squirrel on newgrounds
Mote and Snod Game + Engine
DuckTypen Typing course
Whaudio What's that sound?


Hey there, I'm Arjan Cordia and as a game developer / designer code is my tool to get stuff done. Most of the time I code on my own during projects but I'm also able to lead and/or work with other programmers. I also enjoy doing animation (Don't ask me to draw though), special effects and even sound.

As a kid I've enjoyed many games and they managed to fascinate me to such extent that I wanted to bfascinate other people with the games that I make. With every new game that I make I try to push my own boundaries and sometimes hopefully the boundaries of what games can do.

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